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We use the art of storytelling to leverage change where we want to see it.

The most powerful force in the universe isn’t technology.
It’s imagination when we share our stories.

If we follow the rules of nature as there is the true respect of everything that lives, then we see ourselves returning to our natural state of being. So let’s share this huge wisdom with those who want to learn. Let’s share this great feeling with the world. Let’s connect and to grow into something better together.
Welcome to the European Appreciative Inquiry community!

This might be the end of your quest and the beginning of a new chapter

For who is this?

If you are somebody who is interested in bringing out the best in people. If you are in search of tools, an approach that can help you and your clients to leverage the change you want to see in the world. And maybe you are also in search of a wholehearted, kind community you can learn with and from. Then Appreciative Inquiry might be for you.


You need an approach that convinces your clients and colleagues to work with you

You want to stay good and authentic, honoring your own values, purpose, care for humans and the world in general

Thus, you want to balance your daily needs, your legitimacy as professionals and honor purpose, people and planet

What do you meet in us?

empathy: we connect with your struggles. We too have been seeking.

expertise: this method works since people tell each other stories. Already before Appreciative Inquiry was defined with its principles and the different methods we followed the principles of storytelling and the rhythm and rules of nature.

What do we promise

  • you find like-minded people with and from whom you can learn


  • an approach that resonates with your values, purpose and the common good


  • opportunities to co-create a better world together with your clients and colleagues

Keep me informed of upcoming

events and special occasions