Curious to discover what resources there are that can uplift your AI expertise and practice?

You’ll be surprised what a well and bounty of books, services, learning-experiences and tools our community members have created! Welcome to your new favorite AI toolshed-greenhouse-libary!

Material for workshops & coaching

Is hosting workshops and unfolding potential via coaching your jam? Do you enjoy trying out new tools with your workshop participants and coachees? Then this here will probably feel like a playground and toy store for you…


Libraries have always been your favorite spots to be? Well-sorted bookshops keep making you happy? Then let us extend a warm welcome to you! Enjoy browsing through this virtual AI-bookshelf where our community members share their treasures with you.

Coaching/Mentoring/Super- and Intervision

You’ve been on your discovery journey around AI by yourself long enough? And you’d like to take the next steps together with fellow AI-travelers? Then we invite you to get to know and acquainted with tour guides, fellow truth-seekers and wisdom-sharers. Maybe you’ll find an invitation that calls you forth to continue your AI-discovery journey..

Online Programs

One event is not enough? You seek a long-term learning journey in the AI realm? Then this place here will make you happy. Discover the online
programs our members have created that will help you make a leap forward in your understanding and expertise in AI.

Solutions for Organizations

You are here, not so much looking for tools and resources for yourself, but for your (client) organization? Discover what your fellow AI-practitioners & business owners have developed that you can make use of, too…

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